The Singles [Mercury]

by: 10cc

Very sensibly titled, Singles is exactly what it says on the packaging, a 19-track roundup of all the 45s 10cc issued between 1975 (when they signed with the Mercury label) and their early-'80s demise. As such, it contains some of the most exhilarating (if, perhaps, overplayed) releases in their catalog: "Life's a Minestrone," "I'm Not in Love," "Good Morning Judge," "Dreadlock Holiday"), together with some rarely heard gems that testify to the group's growing alienation from the mainstream, as the late '70s and early '80s wore on. No matter that 10cc were once among the most reliable hitmakers of their age, the likes of "One Two Five," "Don't Turn Me Away," "Power of Love" and the damningly self-condemning "We've Heard It All Before" were never likely to return the band to the top of the chart, and the second half of this CD winds up among the most depressing collections in the band's entire catalog. Full marks, however, for completeness, and one almost wishes somebody would make a similar roundup of the band's B-sides. Almost. ~ Dave Thompson

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