Angel Love for Children

by: Aeoliah

Aeoliah is a new age spiritualist who designs his long-form tone pieces to be healing blankets of sonic glee. Here, his aim is to "harmonize the bodies and emotions" of babies, children, and expecting mothers. Of course, the liner notes stress the music's value for any adults wishing to enhance "healing arts." It is all very sincere, but when you peel away the layers of celebrity endorsements and holistic theorizing, this album is really just two 20-minute-plus instrumental tracks consisting of breathy keyboards and soothing, surging, and entirely synthetic texture. It is not bad, per se, but at the same time, a carefully recorded nature album might be just as relaxing and unhindered by an agenda that could set it up to fail. After all, what if Angel Love for Children doesn't relax you or your child? If you're only listening to the sounds of wind and the ocean, you can always just blame it on the rain. ~ Johnny Loftus

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