Journey Home: On Wings of Light

by: Aeoliah

Aeoliah has excelled as a visionary artist for over 15 years, and his music has continually developed into one of today's finer expressions of lofty spacemusic. The Journey Home: On Wings of Light retains his trademark romantic, angelic style, reminiscent of his most popular recording, Angel Love. "The Journey Home," athe 18-minute opening piece, establishes the mood with rich, patient, sustained synthesizer tones hovering over occasional flourishes, often in a symphonic vein, that caress and envelop the listener. The second half takes a decidedly upward turn with "Sirius Via Andromeda," full of shimmering chimes, angelic voices & whooshes, washes and peaceful wishes, settling back in for "The Inner Chamber," with its slight and subtle underscoring and gradual ascension through its nearly ten-minute restfulness. We return with "Dolphin Serenade" and "Intergalactic Lullaby," as Aeoliah again invokes the power of angels as he opens the interdimensional doorway through the stargates and beyond. ~ Backroads Music/Heartbeats

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