The Seven Chakras (Crystal Illumination)

by: Aeoliah

THE SEVEN CHAKRAS is divided, appropriately enough, into seven tracks, each of which corresponds directly to the seven chakras in the human body. The first selection, for example, addresses the energy at the base of the spine, and the album continues through the Spleen center (2), Solar plexus (3), Heart center (4), Throat center (5), Third Eye (6), and the Crown center (7). Instrumentalist Aeoliah creates a calming wash of synthesizer sounds that evoke harps, cellos, voices, and percussion; intended to balance and harmonize the energy in each designated area of the body. A guide in the accompanying booklet details the purpose and function of each chakra, and instructs the listener to assume a fully relaxed position while listening to the album through headphones. If these instructions are followed closely, THE SEVEN CHAKRAS should provide for the receptive listener a transformative, revitalizing mind/body experience.

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