Between the Buried and Me

by: Between the Buried and Me

A group such as Between the Buried and Me is rare to find, as the jaw-dropping talent possessed by these five men seems almost too good to be true. While their eponymous debut is a muddled affair, the amazing skill of these musicians is quite obvious, careening from one extreme to another with little regard for human safety. The only real problem noticeable on this disc is the slight lack of direction, as every song is a seething concoction of math rock and pummeling heavy metal with little room for effective song structures. The members of Between the Buried and Me are also determined and vicious in their beliefs, as "Arsonist" is a horrific stab at a specific Kansas church that preaches against homosexuality. Very few groups have the courage to stand up and speak so freely, and for this Between the Buried and Me should be applauded. This is a chaotic album that rains with fiery determination, and even its weaknesses are thoroughly enjoyable, marking it as one of the fiercest albums in the hardcore community. ~ Jason D. Taylor

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