Here's Your Christmas Album [Bonus Tracks]

by: Bill Engvall

For his follow-up to the masterful Dorkfish, country comedian Bill Engvall examines one of our great cultural unifiers: Christmas. Featuring a play on the title of his first album and hit single "Here's Your Sign," Here's Your Christmas Album consists of almost all new material, with the sole exception of the Dorkfish cut "Here's Your Sign Christmas," which definitely fits the theme of the album. Engvall has a knack for taking commonly accepted customs and turning them inside out, so that you can see their darker sides and how they can be irritating rather than cheerful. That's what he does on album highlights like "I'm Getting Sued by Santa Claus," "Rudolph Got a DUI," "That's What's Wrong with Christmas," and two versions of "Fruitcake Makes Me Puke." And who can't relate to "Gift Emergency"? More funny stuff from a funny, funny guy. [In 2005 Here's Your Christmas Album was reissued with new cover artwork and a bonus multimedia track featuring the complete "Here's Your Sign Christmas" video.] ~ Chuck Donkers

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