Complete Road To... Movie Songs

by: Bob Hope

This unlicensed, unauthorized Spanish release compiles all of the songs featured in the six Bob Hope-Bing Crosby "Road" pictures, with the music taken directly from the films' soundtracks. It should be credited to Crosby, Hope, and Dorothy Lamour, not just Hope, since Crosby sings much more than Hope, and even Lamour is heard at least as frequently as the comedian. (Also joining in the singing are Jerry Colonna and the Andrews Sisters.) The songs are written by Crosby's personal songwriting teams of either lyricist Johnny Burke and composer James Monaco or Burke and James Van Heusen, with some scoring by the likes of Victor Young and Joseph Lilley. The hits include "Too Romantic," "Moonlight Becomes You," and "But Beautiful," all ballads sung by Crosby, but there are also some humorous Hope-Crosby duets, such as "The Road to Morocco" and "Put It There, Pal," and Lamour gets to do the suggestive "Personality." The monophonic sound quality is good. Crosby fans may object to the focus on Hope in the credits, particularly in the CD booklet, but may be amused that the pages are all mixed up, which somehow seems appropriate. ~ William Ruhlmann

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