A Bobby Vee Recording Session

by: Bobby Vee

Most Buddy Holly fans don't want to admit it, but there was a pretty fair chance that, had he lived past February 1959, Holly's music might well have followed the path into teen pop and pop/rock pursued by Bobby Vee. It's impossible to get too far past that thought, or the memory of Holly's "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" and "Raining in My Heart" in listening to this polished piece of teen idol pop/rock from Vee. He even does "Teardrops Fall Like Rain," a song written by and originally recorded by the post-Holly Crickets. More to the point, it seems as though Vee and producer Snuff Garrett were thinking along the lines of those last Holly singles even as late as 1962 (though one suspects that, had these been Holly sessions, a few of the guitar parts might've been a tiny bit more assertive and bluesy). Vee does surprisingly well on such classics as Arthur Alexander's "You Better Move On," and even the thoroughly string-drenched Goffin-King number "Sharing You" offers a powerful vocal in all the right spots. He's a first-rate pop/rock crooner across this opulently produced album, which, if it represents a soft and uninventive side of rock & roll that was soon to be overthrown by the Beatles (who were just getting signed to Parlophone in England as this LP made its appearance), is still eminently listenable. And some of it is pretty solid rock & roll, too, most notably "I Can't Say Goodbye" and "Sharing You" (which was a hit single), where Vee really cuts loose with those pipes. ~ Bruce Eder

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