The Best of 10 Years

by: Boney M.

Boney M. is best-known for their wild blend of Europop -- realizing the manic visions of German producer Frank Farian. To celebrate a decade of mostly hits and some misses, Hansa released a massive 32-track monster compilation in 1986, which pretty much covered their whole career. To say that this one disk has 32 tracks would be a bit of a cheat, however. There are indeed that many songs represented here, but capitalizing on the groove of DJ albums, the band's canon has been twisted into a nonstop digital party remix, with snips of each song becoming a haze of nonstop Boney M. From the passionate history lesson of "Rasputin" and the Stateside antics of "Ma Baker" to the Irish protest song "Belfast," and, of course, that yuletide classic "Hooray! Hooray! It'sa Holi-Holiday," The Best of 10 Years is great if you're on the dancefloor with a bottle of J├Ągermeister, but unlistenable if you'd actually like to sample more than 30 seconds of each song. Although that said, there are some tracks that are best represented in as short a burst as possible -- a full-length "Dreadlock Holiday" and "Gadda Da Vida" would be too much to handle. Boney M. did make some marvelous records, but if you want to sample them in their true glory, pick up a bona fide greatest-hits album, and leave this one to the karaoke crowd. ~ Amy Hanson

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