by: Brainticket

The companion piece to 1980's Adventure, the original vinyl release of 1982's Voyage, consisted of two side-long instrumental excursions that sound like mid-period Tangerine Dream with even less compositional structure. Judging by the settings of the synthesizer, which predominates in these meandering doodles, Voyage was recorded during the same undated jam session that produced the slightly more coherent Adventure. In its LP form, Voyage is almost entirely useless, strictly for die-hard fans of instrumental synth dribble. However, the 1997 CD almost makes up for it, adding three lengthy bonus tracks recorded much earlier in the band's career. "Skyline (Analog 1970)" has all the grace and fluidity lacking from the title tracks, while "Underworld Paths" charts a sound similar to pre-Autobahn Kraftwerk. The bonus tracks aren't enough to make Voyage a must-own, but they're certainly far more intriguing than the album proper. ~ Stewart Mason

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