Ain't No Shame in My Game

by: Candyman

When a rapper does well in the R&B or pop markets, hip-hop's hardcore tends to view the artist with suspicion, however strong his or her rapping skills might be. That was exactly what happened to Candyman when "Knockin' Boots" (a catchy single that sampled Betty Wright's "Tonight Is the Night") enjoyed considerable crossover action. Some hardcore rappers questioned Candyman's legitimacy, but make no mistake: Ain't No Shame in My Game proves that the Angeleno's rapping skills are solid. While this decent debut album has its share of lighthearted R&B-flavored fare (including "Playin' on Me," "Melt in Your Mouth," and of course, "Knockin' Boots"), more aggressive, in-your-face tunes like "Today's Topic," "5 Verses of Def," and "The Mack Is Back" demonstrate that Candyman has no problem handling hardcore b-boy rap. The overall result is a generally likable, if a bit uneven, album. ~ Alex Henderson

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