2000 and One Years With...

by: Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks

Brooks and Reiner's follow-up to their hugely influential 2000 YEAR OLD MAN recording sees them once again tapping into the adjunct branches of history for another glimpse into the head of the Wise Old Sage. "2000 and Six Month Man" finds the Yiddish geezer in wonderful spirits ("2000 and six months young-but I don't look a day over 16, 1700, right?") and in top form, keeping himself alive with nectarines, exercise (decked out in his Fruit of the Loom shorts), and 22 minutes of daily prayer ("That a ceiling will not fall on me or that my heart will not attack me"). Reiner's hapless interviewer, who often breaks up at the Master's grizzled observations, is one of stand-up's perfect foils, and the duo's chemistry has never been eclipsed. It should be noted that these routines were actually executed in a studio with a small crowd of fierce devotees, but their applause is the sound of multitudes. Classic comedy, to be sure, which also includes the bits "The Tax Expert" and "Two Hour Old Baby," though the Double Millennium Man is the undisputed highlight of the recording.

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