Club Sodade Remixes

by: Césaria Évora

The first thing to understand about this is that it's not a new album by the lovely Evora. It's not even a straight reissue of old material. Instead, this is Evora remixed, with much of the material coming from her classic Miss Perfumado set. To many, it doesn't sound like a good idea, but it has to be said, it's been done with taste, and there's been little tampering with the vocals, thankfully. In fact, her morna style overpowers and directs everything else, from pace to mood, giving this a very soulful edge. And the producers have all worked with sympathetic ears, not so much trying to imprint their own personalities on the songs, but complementing them. In fact, the beats and textures are often surprisingly subtle, spicing rather than overwhelming the stew. However, that said, the new approach, while pleasant, never adds very much to the originals. There's nothing in the productions to turn the head around. The stars remain Evora's evocative voice and the songs themselves. And while this is enjoyable enough, it lacks the warm intimacy of the original versions. ~ Chris Nickson

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