Colour Moving and Still

by: Chantal Kreviazuk

On the follow-up to her smash debut Under These Rocks and Stones, Chantal Kreviazuk does an about-face from the Alanis-like alt-rock sound that made her single "God Made Me" so popular. Instead, simpler, more restrained ballads like "Blue" and "Until We Die" show off her classical piano training, as well as her earnest singing and lyrics. "Souls," "Far Away," and "Little Things" have a searching, yearning quality that the often dreamy and trip-hop inspired sound of the album magnifies: even poppier numbers like "Dear Life" and "Before You" have a slightly reflective, ethereal cast that gives them an extra depth. Colour Moving and Still reveals Kreviazuk's ambition to be more than a Lillith Fair-era flash in the pan; the results achieve an impressive balance between thoughtful, maturing songcraft and sweetly earnest pop. ~ Heather Phares

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