The Myth of Rock

by: Consolidated

Love them or hate them, you have to respect Consolidated for having and sticking strongly to political views generally considered unfashionable in the mainstream music world: MTV demeans women, meat is (still) murder, rock is a myth, and America treats its black community with contempt. This album is where it all started for Consolidated, and there's more than a bit of influence-on-the-sleeveitis going on here (you can hear Gil Scott Heron and Last Poets in the lyrics, and Public Enemy both lyrically and musically, but the most overwhelming influence overshadowing the whole affair is Tackhead). It's more musical here than it would be on subsequent releases, which skewed far more heavily toward rhythm and spoken word and away from funky dub-influenced hip-hop. It's still in your face and very leftist, though, so Ayn Rand fans beware. ~ Sean Carruthers

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