Master and Servant

by: Depeche Mode

Even more of an industrial anthem than its predecessors, "Master and Servant" doesn't merely codify the implicit bondage/domination doings of said perceived scene in its lyrics but brings them to total life via the powerful rhythm attack. That it could also be a pop hit is part of Depeche Mode's unique, powerful appeal, from the opening call-and-response vocals to David Gahan's heavily treated vocals and the combination of softer tones and harsher screams, noises, and drumming. The "slavery whip" mix, with Gahan's call "Treat me like a dog!" looped and fed through even more treatment used as the song's start, finds the group starting to stretch their wings more with the remixes, just enough. It's still essentially a longer version of the original, but more curious stops and starts scattered throughout, plus an amusing, end-of-the-evening lounge ending. The B-side this time around shows the band aiming more for the lighter feeling of earlier numbers -- "(Set Me Free) Remotivate Me" is a good enough rhythm pulse and punch, with horn-section styled synth stabs and some fun falsetto from Gahan here and there. It's light and breezy in its own way, a fun throwaway with enough of the usual Depeche quality in it to make it worth a look, while the "release" mix adds further fun and games to the original piece. ~ Ned Raggett

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