Dubplate Killaz, Vol. 2: Return to the Ninja

by: DJ Hype

The second installment in DJ Hype's ongoing overview of the British junglist scene picks up where the first one left off, delivering heavyweight drum'n'bass grooves in a dancehall-reggae-flavored style. This two-disc set includes a DVD with artist interviews as well as a nicely packed CD featuring contributions from the likes of DJ Hazard, Yush, G Dub, Bassline Smith, and others, with mixing and scratching provided by DJ Hype. The album opens strongly with "Look to the Future," on which female vocals and some impressive turntablism spice up what would otherwise be a fairly pedestrian piece of drum'n'bass; things get even better on the Double Drop remix of "Dubplate Killaz" (which incorporates some fine toasting from Daddy Earl) and better still on "Girls," a joyful tag-team toast on which MC Fats and Yush take turns extolling the virtues of the womanly shape in all its varieties. With "Blaze," Crystal Clear provides Spikey T a ragga jungle forum for his horticultural message, and on Prolix's "Choke Hold" Hype takes the opportunity to show off his considerable turntable skills. In general the vocal numbers are more interesting than the instrumentals, but nothing on this program fails to generate significant heat. Exciting and exhausting in equal measure, Dubplate Killaz, Vol. 2 offers a brilliant introduction to the state of the junglist art. Highly recommended. ~ Rick Anderson

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