I Turn the Page

by: Don Williams

Don Williams' first major release after toiling around indieville for a half-decade is a real winner, a honky tonk reverie by a weathered cowboy turning his own page of life (this album was recorded when Williams was 59 years old). Wide-open stories of friendship, love, morality, and, yes, home on the range grace I Turn the Page with an elegance and sparkle that only a seasoned vet could bring to them. And while hints of his Nashville hitmaking machinery from a couple decades past pops up occasionally (in the somewhat canned production and playing of the usual sidemen), Williams himself keeps the album in a relaxed mood, riding the rails of his heart and home with an emotional conviction that's soaked in ever-glowing sunshine. And his voice, once among country's most emblematic, has become an imperative tool, infused with gratitude and devotion to his life and everything it touches. ~ Michael Gallucci

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