I'll See You in My Dreams

by: Doris Day

Doris Day may have come to movies accidentally, but she proved a real workhorse once she got started. I'll See You in My Dreams, a film biography of songwriter Gus Kahn (played by Danny Thomas -- Day played Kahn's wife), was her fifth film appearance of 1951. It was also her third musical of the year, following Lullaby of Broadway and On Moonlight Bay. Warner Bros., which had her under contract, didn't yet have a record company, so there were no official soundtrack albums from these films, but Columbia Records, which also had her under contract, was happy to take up the slack by having her make studio recordings of the songs from the films, sometimes with members of the cast. And that formula had been a spectacular success, giving her four consecutive Top Five albums. With I'll See You in My Dreams, that became five, and this one went all the way to number one, Day's first solo chart-topping LP. Thomas was along for a couple of guest appearances -- he duetted with her on "Ain't We Got Fun" and "Makin' Whoopee!" -- but this was mostly Day's show. The songs were Tin Pan Alley and show tunes for which Kahn had contributed lyrics, and as she had on her previous movie tie-ins (all of which also found some excuse to have her sing vintage material to which Warner held copyright) she did right by the music here, backed by Paul Weston's orchestra and the vocal chorus of Norman Luboff and the Lee Brothers. No doubt Warner and Columbia would have been content to have things continue this way forever, and Day's fans probably wouldn't have minded, either. ~ William Ruhlmann

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