Unbalanced Load

by: Doug Benson

Taking the spirit of Cheech & Chong into the age of irony, comedian Doug Benson is the closest thing to a professional stoner. From his off-Broadway co-creation The Marijuana-Logues to his docu-parody film Super High Me, Benson wears his Stoner of the Year for 2006 award with pride, hiding the bong only when appearing on less herb-friendly television programs like VH1's Best Week Ever or NBC's Last Comic Standing. His debut album for the Comedy Central label should really come in a blunt rap because Unbalanced Load is so fat with pot humor that it won't hold much interest for anyone who can't tell an indica from a sativa. Head shop regulars, on the other hand, will find this a smoker's delight as Benson recounts the 30 stoned days of filming Super High Me -- plus the expected bootlegging onto video-sharing sights -- along with the 13 states where medical marijuana is legal in 2009 ("The rest of the states are dead to me"). The live set was even recorded on the magical day of April 20th, and if that isn't obvious enough, the key track "Super High Me" runs exactly 4:20. Much of the material ("Segues," "The Hoover Dam Bit," "Boo and Hiss") has been in Benson's set for ages, but returning fans will appreciate having these bits documented on a widely available release. No harshed mellows here, just a fine accompaniment for nights filled with snack chips and couch lock. ~ David Jeffries

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