The Singles 1986-1995

by: Duran Duran

Durannies who were committed enough to continue following the group through the succession of patchy albums and poor decisions that came after "A View to a Kill" can consider themselves rewarded -- in a way -- since there now exists a tidy box set like this one, which contains 14 CD singles. These 14 CD singles contain each of the group's A-sides released from 1986 through 1995 -- "Notorious" through "White Lines (Don't Do It)" -- with all the B-sides from the original multi-format releases attached to those corresponding A-sides. ("Too Much Information," for instance, contains nine B-sides.) This will be overkill for anyone but the biggest fan, but there are several goodies scattered around, and it's a convenient way to condense all of those 12" singles, cassingles, and CD5s into one portable package. It's not nearly as valuable as the box covering the earlier singles, but it's a nice companion piece, even if it only gets looked at and pawed over. ~ Andy Kellman

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