The Singles 81-85

by: Duran Duran

Here's something no Durannie can live without. A 13-disc box set containing replications of each of Duran Duran's most significant singles released between 1981 and 1985, The Singles 81-85 is a package that -- much like the band itself, as many of the haters would argue -- is most practical as something to look at. The very idea of swapping discs out of the player after every two of three songs seems like a cumbersome one, especially since most of the B-sides function as little more than curiosities. Still, there's plenty for the old fanatics to reminisce over, from the often superior "Night Version" remixes, to the endearingly silly acoustic version of "The Chauffeur," to scarce tracks like "Khanada," "Faster Than Light," and "Sekret October." Even if this serves no purpose to you whatsoever, it's at the very least fascinating to flip through the sleeves and watch the stark, angular graphic design of the early '80s morph into the garishly loud design of the mid-'80s. From "Planet Earth" through "A View to a Kill," the box plots the course of one of the '80s most successful singles acts. ~ Andy Kellman

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