All Over the Place

by: Frank Caliendo

Impressionist Frank Caliendo first began his career by making the morning zoo radio rounds with his dead-on impressions of George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and mostly, John Madden. The hilarious Madden bit landed him on David Letterman's show and NFL broadcasts, and then viewers of the 2007 Major League Baseball playoffs were faced with an insane amount of commercials for his upcoming Frank TV cable television series.Caliendo sheepishly apologizes to the audience for the media blitz at the live show captured here, and while the family friendly Frank TV went on to be a success, the scripted sketch show lacked the insane, off-the-cuff remarks that made his radio and Letterman appearances especially entertaining. Somewhere in between the two styles, All Over the Place will please longtime fans along with the newcomers. Sourced from the cable television special and DVD of the same name, this CD release does seem like an afterthought, considering how many sight gags are left in, but there's an argument that Caliendo is even better heard and not seen. On CD, his boyish looks can't spoil his Scent of a Woman-era take on Al Pacino or his drop-dead funny Charles Barkley impression which focuses on the former NBA star's crooked pronunciation of the word "terrible." Without the script or costume changes to weigh him down, the impressionist lives up to the album's title in the funniest way possible, and soon George W. is interrupting Pacino while Madden questions an extra-hyper Robin Williams. When he explores Madden's undying love of Brett Farve ("Brett, I wrote you a poem") or pulls off a perfect Jeff Goldblum impression, there's no one better, but everyone does Yoda and without the morning jocks bringing the edge, this act might be a little too wholesome for some tastes. Scrap the Yoda bits along with your own cynicism and you've got a great representation of Caliendo, arguably the most talented impressionist since Rich Little. ~ David Jeffries

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