Silky Mood

by: Garnett Silk

This set's title is a bit misleading, especially if you presume that it's filled with rich romantic numbers; and although this ten-track compilation showcases many of Garnett Silk's moods, few could be described as silky. Released in 1996, amongst the flood of posthumous albums being unleashed in the aftermath of the singer's tragic death, this set is a decidedly mixed bag, emotionally and musically. Six of the songs come courtesy of King Jammy, another pair were cut for E.J. Robinson, and there's one each from Top Ranks and Right Track. Point of entry for most fans will be the big hits "Fill Us Up with Your Mercy" and "Lord Watch Over Our Shoulder," both excellent cultural cuts for Jammy, while the equally stellar "Let Them Talk" unites the singer with Frankie Paul and Determine in praise of Jah. "Babylon Be Still" was also a much deserved hit, and producer Robinson used a variation of its rhythm for the angry "Cry of My People," where Silk tackles injustice. In a very different mood comes "Let It Flow," Silk is at his sweetest, sharing the delight of love with listeners for an absolutely irresistible number. "So Divine" is Motownesque, a wondrously pop-soul love song twinned to Jammy's own true love of dancehall beats and plenty of sparkling melody. In contrast, the more sophisticated "Your Gonna Need Love" takes a lusher, more modern approach, while "Stacy" again finds inspiration from the '60s, but this time in a pure soul fashion, Silk at his most impassioned. Careening from romance to religion, and across a myriad of styles, Silky Mood is a roller coaster ride, and although there are more representative comps to be had, this is still one that fans will treasure. ~ Jo-Ann Greene

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