No Need to Panic

by: G.B.H.

Considered by many to be G.B.H.'s entry into thrash from the band's previous punk releases, No Need to Panic contains some of G.B.H.'s best music and some of its most peculiar. There's no shortage of punk fury and energy, certainly in tracks like "Makin' Whips" and "To Understand." There are also G.B.H.'s first attempts at guitar solos. But lyrically, the songs are a strange lot. "Gunning for the President" is a surprisingly explicit threat against Reagan, and "Hit the Deck" chronicles the band's misadventures on the road. By contrast, "Transylvania Perfume," a song about vampires, is simply bizarre, and "Electricity Through Space" has lyrics far too metaphysical (not to mention silly) for its rough and ready arrangement. Still, the production and general high energy are enough to put this over as one of G.B.H.'s better albums. ~ Victor W. Valdivia

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