The Greatest Funkin' Hits

by: George Clinton

Greatest Funkin' Hits has something of a misleading title. It implies that all of George Clinton's biggest solo hits, in their original forms, are featured on this compilation. Instead, Greatest Funkin' Hits takes Clinton's best-known songs -- not just solo hits like "Atomic Dog" and "Do Fries Go With That Shake," but also Parliament/Funkadelic songs like "Flashlight," "Mothership Connection," "Knee Deep" and "Bop Gun" -- and presents them in remixed forms. Sometimes, the remixes are good -- Coolio's take on "Atomic Dog" is fun, and Ice Cube's appearance on "Bop Gun (One Nation)" is terrific -- but often, the remixes are perfunctory and uninspired, making the album a tedious listening experience. Most importantly, it should not be considered in any way as a greatest-hits album -- it's simply another in a long line of pointless Clinton-associated remix albums. ~ Leo Stanley

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