Best of Ghostface Killah

by: Ghostface Killah

Released in 2014, this Ghostface Killah compilation, like other volumes in an extensive Def Jam 30th anniversary series, provides a compact overview and is more a sampler than a proper anthology. This 11-track set selects highlights from 2004's The Pretty Toney Album through 2010's Apollo Kids. The man also known as Tony Starks is an album artist with a deep catalog, so budget compilations like this one are a disservice to his work. Track for track, this is inferior to 2006's Fishscale. Additionally, considering the limited space, it's strange that the compilers opted to include two versions of "Run" and "Back Like That." It does feature some undeniable high points, including not just "Run," but "Be Easy" and "The Champ" as well. [This was also released on CD as Icon.] ~ Andy Kellman

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