GhostDeini the Great

by: Ghostface Killah

Not a greatest-hits set for casual fans, and not quite a rarities set for the diehards who don't quite snap up every leaked track -- it wouldn't be accurately titled Even More Fish, either -- GhostDeini the Great is somewhere between all of these designations. Def Jam's third consecutive December Ghostface release, the disc mixes it up between album cuts from Ironman and Supreme Clientele ("Apollo Kids," "All That I Got Is You," "Cherchez LaGhost," "Mighty Healthy"), remixes (most contain alternate guest verses), and previously unreleased material (none of which is great shakes, though "Ghostface Xmas" adds a little seasonal value). Fans won't be thrilled doubling up on tracks they already have, but the set is definitely more for them than for those who know little beyond the classics. ~ Andy Kellman

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