Another Day Has Passed

by: Goes Cube

There is no shortage of hardcore-influenced alternative metal and alternative rock bands that love to brag about their ability to be brutal and intense on the one hand and melodic, intricate and nuanced on the other hand. Unfortunately, too many of them miss the mark in both areas and simply end up sounding confused and unfocused. But on their first full-length album, Another Day Has Passed, Goes Cube do an enjoyably good job of integrating the brutal and the melodic. This 2009 release finds the Brooklyn-based trio (which consists of David Obuchowski on lead vocals and guitar, Matthew Frey on bass and background vocals and Kenny Appell on drums), fluctuating between sludgy moments of loud, dissonant metal/hardcore/noise rock assault and moody, nicely crafted melodies; Goes Cube's sound includes some of Torche's sludge and some of Sonic Noise's artsy dissonance, as well as an appreciation of bands ranging from Black Sabbath to Fugazi, Helmet, Refused, and Jesus Lizard. Plus, there are hints of Pink Floyd during the album's more melodic moments. But the Brooklyn residents' blend of the harsh and the melodic never comes across as forced, unnatural, or contrived; Another Day Has Passed is consistently organic-sounding whether Goes Cube are bringing the noise or whether they are showing the listener some mercy and letting their less abrasive side come out. Clearly, this is the work of a band that loves to rock abrasively hard but also enjoys having some nuance and intricacy -- and the good news is that they go about it in a coherent, lucid fashion. Providing a full-length album isn't something that Goes Cube got around to right away; before Another Day Has Passed, they put out three EPs. But they did get around to it eventually, and that's a good thing because Another Day Has Passed is a solid demonstration of what these Brooklyn residents bring to the table. ~ Alex Henderson

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