Number 1 [Japan]

by: Goldfrapp

The Number 1 EP collects most of the B-sides from Goldfrapp's Supernature singles, including the lovely title track, which ranked among the album's best songs. "Beautiful" and "All Night Operator" are in keeping with Supernature's sultry, electro-glam tracks and may actually be better than a few of the tracks that wound up on the album, while "Number 1 [Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Mix]" and "Ooh La La [Tieschwarz Mix]" are playful, but not radical, expansions of the originals. As a bonus, Number 1 also includes an alternate video for "Number 1." Overall, the EP is worthwhile for Goldfrapp completists, but not as necessary as the Utopia or Strict Machine EPs were for more casual fans. ~ Heather Phares

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