Rock the House Live!

by: Heart

By 1991, Heart might have been expected to issue a live album or a hits compilation consolidating their second string of massively popular recordings made from the 1985 Heart album on. But the group felt they'd made a deal with the Devil, agreeing to record outside material in the name of achieving hit singles, but sacrificing their hard rock persona. As a result, in 1990, they made the harder rocking Brigade, and this live disc, recorded during the Brigade tour at the Centrum in Worcester, MA, on November 28, 1990, seemed intended not to demonstrate that Heart was the band of ballad hits like "These Dreams" and "Alone..." but instead an arena rock staple. Unfortunately, that meant filling the album neither with their early hard rock hits nor their later pop ones, but instead less familiar recent album tracks (six from Brigade), which made this a live album representative of one night, but not of Heart's career. ~ William Ruhlmann

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