Silent Films

by: Her Space Holiday

Her Space Holiday is a one-man outfit, and Silent Films is a testament to that fact. It is hard to tell if this recording was produced in the studio or at home. The sound of the record has the layering of a home four-track recording, but the quality of a studio recording. Either way, this record is for the diehard fan. The base of the tunes lies in the repetition. Acoustic guitars fill up a lot of the negative space. The keyboards/synthesizers are the distraction from the repetition; the songs do not reach any destination. The out-of-tune vocals are hard to get past. Where a band like Kicking Giant complement the melody and the off-key vocals, creating a sweet effect, Her Space Holiday fall short. The vocals do not mix with the spacey, dream rock approach. "The Unbelievable Broadcast" is a redeeming song with an interesting introduction. Electronic drums mix with live guitars, which the band should have as an instrumental track. Guitars follow the vocal melody. Samples in the background add texture. The listener will have to be the judge of the cover of the Pixies' "Gigantic." In the end, it is too much of the same. ~ Francis Arres

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