Nuestro Destino Estaba Escrito

by: Intocable

Their destiny is indeed written--on the Billboard charts. You don't have to listen to very much of NUESTRO DESTINOà to realize that Zapata, Texas-based Intocable (Untouchable) are one hot Norteno outfit. Instrumental and percussive flourishes abound, and there's an energy that lifts the band head and shoulders above many of its contemporaries. There's nothing too uptempo here, but there is an omnipresent, effortless sense of swing on songs such as the waltz-time "Invisible," which needs no translation to infect one's hips and feet. There's classic Norteno, too, on the rocking two-step "Aunque Me Duela" ("Although It Hurts Me"), while the band shows it's not afraid to experiment, with the naturalistic sound of "Siempre Al Final" ("Always in the End"). If you've never experienced contemporary Norteno before, Intocable is a fine outfit to start with, and NUESTRO DESTINOà an ideal introduction to the band's discography.

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