Late for Nothing

by: Iwrestledabearonce

A band that doesn't so much bend genres as smash them together and play in the pieces, Iwrestledabearonce continue to show why they're one of the most exciting groups in experimental metal with their third album, Late for Nothing. The first album to feature new singer Courtney LaPlante, who stepped in after Krysta Cameron departed in 2012, Late for Nothing finds the band not missing a step despite losing an integral member, as LaPlante ably fills the rather formidable vacancy left by Cameron. If there's any change at work here, it's that the album's overall tone feels a bit more serious than the band's earlier, more playful efforts. A brooding feeling courses throughout Late for Nothing, imbuing it with a nocturnal quality that only adds to its menace. What hasn't changed, however, is Iwrestledabearonce's bold sense of experimentation. They seem unafraid to throw any sound against the wall to see what sticks, and given the superb level of musicianship at play here, they're hard-pressed to find anything they can't make work. Fans of the band will be pleased to find that the departure of Cameron hasn't broken Iwrestledabearonce's stride, and even though the album has a darker mood than their other work, song titles like "Carnage Asada" and "Letters to Stallone" (both excellent songs as well) still show that their sense of humor is intact. Those turned off by the band's irreverence are missing out on one of the most innovative bands to emerge from an otherwise dark period in metalcore's history. ~ Gregory Heaney

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