True Reflections...A New Beginning

by: Jah Cure

The title of his fifth album is likely a veiled reference to the fact that Jah Cure emerged from a prison sentence only days before it was released. However, the songs are not filled with the kind of bitter resentment that one might expect from a young man imprisoned for a rape he swears he didn't commit; nor does it descend into the kind of harsh, anti-Babylonian imprecation that usually typifies Bobo Dread-inspired reggae. Jah Cure has recently come over to a more mainstream brand of Rastafarianism, and it's reflected in the gentler tone of his songs -- titles like "Love Is" and "Most High Cup Full" are indicative of his current mood, as is the prevalence of love songs on this program. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be completely back at full strength yet: his rather whiny delivery undermines the smooth and romantic groove of "To Your Arms of Love," and "Love You" sounds like a demo, and a bad one at that -- it features only acoustic guitar and Cure's ratty, out-of-tune singing. Weird and imbalanced mixes mar several other songs. There are high points, notably the brilliant one-drop anthem "Most High Cup Full" and the righteously catchy "Cease All War," but overall this album feels like it was rushed out to market before it was really ready. ~ Rick Anderson

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