Teenage Triangle

by: James Darren / Shelley Fabares / Paul Petersen

The practice of grooming teen idols and marketing them through popular TV shows hasn't changed much in 50 years, and in the early '60s, these three artists were reaping hit records as the career bonus for appearing on network TV and in teen movies like Gidget. This is pop-rock lite with a nary a sneer or swagger to be found in its 24 original tracks and, as such, makes a perfect little bird's eye view of the state of pop in the pre-Beatle 1960s. These two albums were culled from various solo sessions by the three that produced singles on the Colpix label and hits like "She Can't Find Her Keys," "Johnny Angel" and "Goodbye Cruel World" are all present on this reissue. The only track that features all three of them together is an ear rending version of "Put on a Happy Face" that strains the limit of just how much nice an average listener can actually stand. Believe it or not, pop music was once this simple. ~ Cub Koda

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