Songs to No One 1991-1992

by: Jeff Buckley

If Jeff Buckley hadn't have taken that fateful swim one late spring night in 1997, it's a fair guess that every single Buckley release besides Live at Sin-E and "Grace" would have never seen the light of day. And this has never been more apparent than with the 2002 release, Songs To No One 1991-1992, an 11- track compilation of live soundboard recordings, radio broadcasts, and demos. Included here are two early versions of Buckley classics, "Mojo Pin" and "Grace," co-written with ex-Captain Beefheart guitarist Gary Lucas; "Mojo Pin" shows up as both a demo and a live version. Few of the other tracks on Songs To No One 1991-1992 are worthy of release. Exceptions include covers of "Hymne a l'Amour" (an 11-minute long album opener), and the lovely "Satisfied Mind" (a song that was played at Buckley's funeral). But the majority of the selections really never should have been released, especially the hard rockin' throwaway "Cruel," and the meandering "How Long Will It Take" (a fitting title). Another reason why Songs To No One 1991-1992 should be skipped over is due to the fact that a few overdubs were later added to the tracks, obviously without Buckley's input or consent (which brings to mind such now written-off posthumous Jimi Hendrix releases as Crash Landing). In a Rolling Stone news clip about the album's impending release in August of 2002, Buckley's mother admitted that the late singer/songwriter had put a note on top of a tape of this work that read 'Disgusto Garbage.' 'Nuff said. ~ Greg Prato

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