All the Hits

by: Jo Ann Campbell

A better title might have been Teen Girl Lust, but All the Hits will do, even if not quite all of them are here (no "Mother Please"). Otherwise, a surprisingly good 20-song collection, covering Campbell's stays at Gone, ABC, and Cameo-Parkway. There are no notes and there's not much sense to the order, but that's okay, because the songs are good in any order you choose. The fidelity is surprisingly good as well, and among the highlights, apart from the best-known songs and Campbell's handful of chart records, include "Let Me Do It My Way," "I Ain't Got No Steady Date," the lusty "Tall Boy," the throaty, libifinous "Wassa Matter With You" (with that great line, "We've got a whole lotta shakin' and a whole lotta lovin' to do"), the wistful "Teen Age Idol," her Duane Eddy tribute record "Duane," and two completely different versions of "I Really Really Love You." More care has gone into the sound than the packaging here, which includes some very sloppy proofing and editing, but this is a pretty cool collection, and some notes would have given it the top rating. ~ Bruce Eder

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