All My Life

by: Jocelyn Enriquez

The title cut rolls out "I Will Survive"'s scenario for a younger woman uncoupling, probably, a shorter-lasting (first?) romance from which Enriquez's protagonist more firmly, with more confidence for the future, tells her honey to step off. "No Way No How," the surest-fire hit (honored with a remix) bumps the equally-youthful pledge of eternal love along a riff to tinge Erasure mildly green."It's No Wonder" carries the startling admission of "I'm not an easy girl to please/Fantasies can be extreme" made all the more curious through the warm, offland delivery and an image of her man as the "Beautiful/Butterfly/Spreads his wings and flies so high..." Track by subsequent track, though, those early distinctive edges peel away leaving pleasant but hardly essential electronic dance music for the club floor under the disco ball or the living room with the lights out; confident, spritely, and likeable, but lacking the urgency, or the transcendent vocal swoops, of, say, Jimmy Sommerville or Erasure's Andy Bell. ~ Andrew Hamlin, Rovi

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