The Strangest Day

by: Jonah 33

Not for Jonah 33 the cryptic double entendre lyrics of many Christian rock artists, or the Muzak-as-witness fluffery of the contemporary Christian crowd. Instead, they opt for a straight-up modern rock roar and lyrics that make absolutely no bones about addressing issues like conversion ("I was running in the wrong direction"), justification ("All I'm asking for is that you'd cleanse me, Lord/Create in me a heart that's clean"), and Christian fatherhood ("Excuse me, but has anyone seen everyone's dad?"). Unfortunately, there's also more than a whiff of evangelical megalomania (on "Solution," singer and bandleader Vince Lichlyter modestly asks Jesus, "Can you use me to lead a revolution?") and the occasional descent into self-centered bathos (the title of "Search Me, Know Me" tells you everything you need to know about that song). In strictly musical terms, it's all good; the songs are catchy but not slick enough to be mistaken for pop-punk, and although Lichlyter's clenched growl sometimes comes across as slightly affected, the band's surefooted, meat-and-potatoes rock grooves keep him moving forward with energy and resolve. Not bad at all. ~ Rick Anderson

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