Lazy Dog, Vol. 2

by: Lazy Dog/Ben Watt/Jay Hannan

Featuring two CDs of a continuous dance mix, Lazy Dog, Vol. 2 is an interesting collection of sparse, ethereal house and techno that builds a lot of momentum from some rather hollow tracks. Most of the songs here range from up-tempo jams to low-key house tracks, but there is an air of sadness and emptiness revolving around the mix that doesn't affect the energy of the songs, but does change the mood from a typical techno disc. The first disc, mixed by Ben Watt, is more oriented toward this style of techno. His mix is held together by the beat, which stays constant throughout with only minor changes. Jay Hannan is the brain behind the second disc, and he takes a similar approach with slightly more energetic results. The common theme between both albums may not appeal to those who like their techno with more substance, and admittedly this is rather boring when taken out of the club context. But these are very good mixes that work nicely on the dancefloor; just understand that this isn't the typical "Block Rockin' Beats" approach that many mix discs take. ~ Bradley Torreano

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