17 Reasons

by: Link 80

Link 80 has always fit in well with the rest of the Asian Man Records scene that spawned it. The band has always made an effort to manage the right amount of pop hooks, ska horns, and heavy guitars -- and occasionally, as on a song like "Pretty Girls," everything comes together right. However, most of this record seems like an unfortunate attempt to mimic the style of bands like MU330 and the Blue Meanies, with all the trappings (a horn section, barked vocals) and very little of the talent. None of the ska revival bands of the mid-'90s could be accused of originating a new style or even expanding on one; however, many of these acts were able to expand the formula enough to keep things interesting. This band doesn't lose points for not trying something new -- Link 80 is simply just not very good at copping something old. ~ Ari Wiznitzer

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