Party Heard Around the World

by: Lonestar

Party Heard Around the World is a bit of an odd title for a Lonestar album, given that the band has never been known for kicking out the jams. That’s still the case here on their eighth full-length, the first to not be released on BNA and first to feature new vocalist Cody Collins. His presence doesn’t alter the identity of the band much; he slides into his allocated space easily, selling the songs without inhabiting them, letting the overall sound wash over. Although Lonestar have shifted away from a major label, they’re still gunning for a wide audience because commercialism simply is in their bones. The Lonestar name means nothing if the band isn't big, slick, and crowd-pleasing, which Party Heard Around the World is, even if it seems somewhat stuck in a time warp, fitting within the confines of country radio circa 2000 instead of 2010. That might cut down on their chances of actually being played on radio, but it does result in a satisfying album for fans, one that plays to expectations without quite pandering to them. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

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