Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By [Instrumental Version]

by: Lovage

Hip-everything producer Dan "The Automator" Nakamura (acting here as Handsome Boy Nathaniel Merriweather) continues his tradition of releasing instrumental albums alongside his official releases (The Instrumentalyst: Octagon Beats, Tron 3030: The Instrumentals). The main complaint of the official Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By was that the vocals from Mike Patton and Jennifer Charles were either too bizarrely aggressive or too faux-sensual (depending on who you ask), so these stripped-down instrumentals sound instantly more appealing. Unfortunately, six and a half minutes of the same vamp seems to run a little long on "Sex (I'm A)," and "Stroker Ace"'s repeated hook isn't really enough to hold even five minutes worth of attention in the MTV age. Luckily the Kid Koala tracks exude the same ferocious wit and freshness that made his Carpal Tunnel Syndrome one of the landmark turntablist recordings. "Koala's Lament" and "Everyone Has a Summer," which round out the album, stand out as high points, with their self-help found sounds and movie clips. While this album may not be an all-engrossing listen, it is perfectly ideal for when the party is down to just four or five people and you don't really care if they leave or just crash on the floor. ~ Zac Johnson, Rovi

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