Live Transmissions From Uranus

by: Man or Astro-man?

Man or Astro-man? has always been a more effective live band than a studio band, for it is within their high-octane live shows that the group's interstellar schtick can be fully realized both sonically and visually. Recorded at a stop in Gainesville, FL, Live Transmissions from Uranus documents a typically rollicking performance by the Astromen. Even without the visuals of the show, the album succeeds at capturing the band's inimitable energy as they rip through their set with feverish abandon. The quartet sticks primarily to material drawn from their first three albums, punctuated with a handful of well-chosen covers. "A Mouthful of Exhaust" flies by at nearly double the tempo of the original version on Destroy All Astromen!!, while the incendiary live showpiece "Eric Estrotica" features a mind-bending Coco theremin solo that would do Jimmy Page proud. As with many live albums, the between-song stage banter can grow tiresome after repeated listens, but it does provide the listener with a sense of the group's sharp wit and sense of humor. A fine addition to any Man or Astro-man? fan's catalog, and a good overview of their earlier years for newcomers. ~ Steve Bekkala

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