It's Christmas

by: Mandisa

Every powerful note from the former Idol makes you wonder where all the big-voiced singers have gone. Mandisa again delivers with grace, elegance, and darn it, a little pep! A whirlwind of styles and sounds accompany her every note, from classic Motown to orchestrated pop to eye-wetting balladry. The disc has only one misstep among its many gems. Her attempt at a diva-esque rendition of "Feliz Navidad" is as awkward a fit as her take on Shania Twain that got her booted off American Idol. This being the only unnatural fit, however, it's easily forgiven since it has more to do with the voice not matching the genre than it does with a lack of power or showmanship. With Mandisa, big notes almost always pay off, and these holiday renditions are no exception. ~ Jared Johnson

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