The Incredible Sound Machine

by: Mantronix

Mantronix's high-tech and futuristic approach fared better in clubs and dance music circles than among b-boys and hip-hoppers, but make no mistake: the New York group created some of the most memorable rap of the mid-'80s. Unfortunately, things began unraveling for Mantronix artistically when it left the small (and now defunkt) Sleeping Bag Records for Capitol. A pedestrian effort that surprisingly, favors R&B, new jack swing and house music over rap, The Incredible Sound Machine the album contains nothing that's even a fraction as imaginative as Mantronix's Sleeping Bag recordings. Rapper MC Tee is gone, and leader/producer Kurtis "Mantronik" Khaleel is joined by singer Jade Trini, among others. Trini's singing isn't bad -- it's the material that's so forgettable and generic. ~ Alex Henderson

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