by: Marilyn Monroe

Taken from films, albums, and live performances, Kiss is a collection of songs most associated with international sex symbol Marilyn Monroe. With her sultry vocals and sensual delivery, Monroe was always a popular singer despite her obviously average voice. It was never about her singing talent, it was about the idea and image of Marilyn Monroe, which is cultivated quite nicely here. The way she coos "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" is a classic example of the subtle sexuality hinted at by the racy pop songs she was given to sing; she whispers and moans lyrics like a little girl while the music races around her with blustery jazz flourishes and exciting horn parts. She managed to leave a memorable legacy in this aspect of her career, and countless musicians have imitated her breathy singing style since. Anyone looking to hear one of the original singers to craft the sexpot image should give this a listen; everyone from Shirley Manson to the Lords of Acid have taken something from the image projected by Monroe. ~ Bradley Torreano

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