Mice Parade

by: Mice Parade

A Mice Parade album rarely sounds like any other -- whether by the group or anyone else -- and true to form, Adam Pierce's self-titled seventh album again sounds like one of a kind. Pierce built a new home studio just before recording began, and Mice Parade takes its place as the best-produced record of his career. The twin drum kits bash and rattle in the background, but leave plenty of space to be occupied by vibraphone, electric and acoustic guitars, and cleverly arranged harmonies. A few tracks do sound like Mice Parade, including "Double Dolphins on the Nickel" (with vocals from Múm's Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir, a touring member of the group). The highlight comes at the end of the third track; while "The Last Ten Homes" fades out with a swirl of thrilling harmonic rounds, the next track, "Snow," comes rushing in with tangles of electric guitar. ~ John Bush

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