From a Jack to a King [1963]

by: Ned Miller

Ned Miller recorded "From a Jack to a King" in 1957, but the resulting single was unsuccessful. Years later, label head Fabor Robison reissued the same recording and it became one of the biggest crossover hits of 1963. That song and one other from 1957 ("Lights in the Street") were added to ten new cuts to fill out Miller's sole Fabor LP, From a Jack to a King. The album has a surprising number of Western songs like "The Man Behind the Gun" and "Stagecoach," some of which were written by Miller. Miller later acknowledged that the album was slapped together and suffers from uneven material, but another flaw is the album's production, which yielded a distant, hollow sound. In 1981, Plantation recycled the album cover of From a Jack to a King for a new ten-song album that omitted four tracks and added the hits "Do What You Do, Do Well" and "Invisible Tears." ~ Greg Adams

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